Monday, November 26, 2018

Zombies Sighting in Google Street View - Strange photos caught by Google Street View cameras, but this time not a ghost sighting or alien sighting, but zombie sighting. It is inside of Zombie Manor House, Daresbury, England.

The place turned out to be filled with a bunch of zombies with spooky faces and full of blood. This location is actually already famous in England as a place for zombies.

Quoting from Manchester Business View, zombies in that place are actually not the undead or eaters of the human brain as told in a movie.

The zombies seen in Google Street View are actually created by the Manchester Business View team with experts from

These zombies were deliberately created by them to create an atmosphere of creepy horror in a house that appeared to be filled with zombies hanging around.

With a 360 camera, they captured the sight of the zombies who were wandering around and sent them to be displayed on Google Maps so that they could be seen by people through the Google Street View feature. See it for yourself here: Zombie Google Maps


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