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Toraja Ghosts, Batitong & Po'pok, and How to Handle Them - The most famous ghost in Indonesia is Kuntilanak and Pocong. But there are also local ghosts that are only famous in certain areas. For example, Batotong and Po'pok ghosts which are popular in Toraja, Indonesia.

1. Batitong

'Torroko Torroko Nakande Ko Batitong'.

'If you are left far behind / slow down your path, you will be consumed by ghosts later.

Batitong is an evil spirit that comes from a woman who died when giving birth. This ghost uses humans to get what she wants. If someone has been possessed by the Batitong Ghost, that person will have a sign on his forehead, head, or hand, there is a kind of lamp or light.

This ghost not only haunting people at night, but this ghost also coming during the day. Usually these ghosts are often seen in watery places, such as rice fields, sewers, rivers, and swamps. The victims of ghosts are usually a pregnant woman, and even a buffalo.

The Toraja people use castor wood to handle the Batiton ghost. By using the wood, they believe Batitiong will die. In addition, there are also those who use mats. This mat is put at the border of the village, with "manikata" on it (jewelry from Toraja).

Another way to get rid of this demon is to use bamboo and put it at the entrance of the village. Before being used, this bamboo is filled with leaves of plants in Toraja.

If the Toraja people manage to kill the Batitons, they will hold an event called Ma'manuk Tallu.

2. Po'pok

This ghost is an evil spirit that manipulates humans to obtain their desires. This creature is often seen at night. This creature usually appears in the form of winged humans, and animals such as pigs or birds.

This ghost is believed to like to consume the heart of humans who sleep on their backs, and also human heart whose condition is seriously ill. Not only that, actually this Ghost can also consume fruits, and suck both human and animal blood.

Here are the things that the Toraja people did to handle Po'pok Ghost.

  1. Sow salt under the house, in the yard, and in the kitchen
  2. Water it (Po'pok) with hot water
  3. Throw it (Po'pok) with betel nuts so that it becomes human again
  4. Hit it (Po'pok) just once. Because if he hit him repeatedly he would not die, even he would endanger the person who hit him.


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