Monday, November 5, 2018


The Red, A Creepy Ghost from the University of Indonesia - The University of Indonesia (UI) in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, turns out to have many horror stories. The story about The Red (in Indonesian: Si Merah), spreading among students. From starting a ghost taxi at the entrance to Gerbatama UI, the most famous is the appearance of ghosts dressed in red.

"Yes, many of my members or students told me about the sighting of the 'Red' ghost. Actually, before the building was built, there was a story from the residents around this place" said a head of security in the University of Indonesia.

Many version of the stories mention about the origin of the Red. According to a student, The Red, was a student who had an accident before graduating, so before he died he wore a red clothes.

But according to a taxi driver named Edi, The Red is a girl who committed suicide because of a broken heart.

The head of security in the University of Indonesia claimed to have never seen the sighting of the Red. But he did admit that the most haunted faculty is the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, because it was supported by a creepy environment.

"In Faculty of Cultural Sciences, there used to be some kind of pond, where people said it was haunted, but now it has become a lake," he said.

The Red often appears in a number of places, in a water tower,  in a university bus (yellow bus), or in a college building.

According to the story of his friends, when returning home at night, the Red often appeared behind the glass of a yellow bus.


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