Monday, November 5, 2018

The Real Facts About Mole People - A scary rumor about Mole People had been spread through various media. NASA scientists are said to have revealed the secret of the existence of the Mole People which had been covered up. Mole People, known as creepy underground creatures, were purposely not published.

A NASA scientist with a hidden identity claimed to have photographs of Mole People. Mole People are underground humans who have a much stronger, taller appearance, like monsters and cannot speak like humans in general. But when the news blew, many said that if Mole People were just hoaxes or false news.

Mole People actually had made the public excitement of New York in the United States in 1993. Jennifer Toth, who at that time spread terror through her book entitled The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City.

Toth mentions that there are homeless people who live illegally under stations or tunnels in the underground of New York, as reported by Gawker.

Although Toth's work has been criticized by many people, many documentations says that there are around 6,000 people living underground. This is corroborated by Andrew Wonder's documentation video in 2010 which states that there were homeless people living for 10 years underground. From the narrative of Toth and Wonder, their version of Mole People are just ordinary human, tall like humans in general and do not have a membrane on their hands or long claw.

But long before that, actually in 1956, a science fiction movie, THE MOLE PEOPLE, was released by Virgil W Vogel. The movie shows the existence of Mole People with the character like monsters as NASA scientists explain. That's why many have linked the information of the Mole People with the old black and white movie.


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