Monday, November 5, 2018


The Possession of Michael King (2014), Horror Movie Synopsis - The story in this movie is about a documentary filmmaker. At first he did not believe in God or Satan.

And after his wife died, he decided to make a movie themed about religion and spirituality. The goal is to prove anything that are considered supernatural.

However something terrible are happening because of his activities. He made a connection with demonologists, necromancers and various occult practitioners. He entered into a spell curse and ritual that caused him to release of a terrible power.

Movie Theaters: August 22, 2014 (Limited)

Genre: Supernatural Thriller Suspense Horror

Writer: David Jung, Tedi Sarafian

Director: David Jung

Companies: Anchor Bay Entertainment

MPAA Rating: R

Cast: - Shane Johnson -as- Michael King - Ella Anderson -as- Ellie King - Cara Pifko -as- Sam - Dale Dickey - Julie McNiven - Tomas Arana


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