Friday, November 2, 2018


The Ghost Story of a High School Girl who Committed Suicide - This ghost story was sent by Refha about his experience when he lived in a rented house. Here's the full story:

I used to live in a rented house. The house is large and in the middle there is a large enough garden. Because my mother likes plants, the garden is filled with a lot of plants, but because I just moved, my mom's plants are moved little by little. At that time I was 9 years old.

When the car carrying my mom's plants came (it was around 11 pm). Actually I already slept, but the sound of the car was very noisy, I got up, and because I didn't know what to do, I finally helped to arrange the plant from the car to the park.

My mom asked me to help her to take her plants because my mom was already sleepy. Finally my brother and I arranging the plants together. When I want to lift one of the plants to the end of the garden, I see a white shadow on an old tree at the end of the garden. I immediately ran to my brother, I cried, but I didn't tell the story to my brother.

The next day I try to get acquainted with the neighbors, I get 1 friend named Inggi. Then I take her home. But when she got into my room, she seems scared. Suddenly she immediately wanted to go home. She ran to her house, which was about 2 houses from my house.

I remember it was a Friday night. I am with a relative, slept together in the living room to watch a horror movie on TV. At my house there was only me, my brother and my grandmother. I just can't wait to watch, uh suddenly the lights go out. I shouted calling grandma, "Grandma !! please turn on the lights".

I want to go to the light contact point to say thanks to grandma, the contact are outside, precisely near the warehouse. When I went outside, suddenly there was a white creature in front of the light contact. I was shocked to death, then I ran to tell my brother. Suddenly when I ran away, like someone was following me. I look back, it turns out there is a girl wearing a high school uniform carrying a baby who walks out ...

Because I was surprised, I followed her to the outside. But suddenly the girl disappeared just like that. Then I saw the girl I had seen before, she was the girl in front of the light contact. I immediately ran and closed the door of my house, and I went into my room.

The next day I told Inggi, and it turned out that there was a high school girl who committed suicide because her baby was electrocuted and killed by her father, because the father angry to her.


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