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The Facts of Dracula According to Hyphatia Cneajna - The story of Dracula is of course familiar to all people over the world. Dracula was told as a man or monster who like to drinking human blood. Dracula is also told of being afraid of garlic and the cross. But what is the true story of Dracula?

In a book entitled "Dracula, Muslim Massacre in the Crusade" by Hyphatia Cneajna, Dracula's figure is discussed in detail. In the book, it is explained that Dracula was a Wallachian prince, descendant of Vlad Dracula.

In the book it was mentioned that Dracula was born when war was heating up between the Ottoman Turkish Empire (as a representative of Islam) and the Kingdom of Hong Kong (as a Christian representative). The culmination of the war was the fall of Constantinople (Christian fortress) into the hands of the Ottoman Turkish Empire.

Dracula was one of the commanders of the Crusaders who carried out massacres against Muslims. It is estimated that the number of victims of Dracula reached 300,000 thousand Muslims. The victims were killed by being burned alive, nailed to their heads, or even they were pressed. Illumination is a method of torture by stabbing someone from the anus with wood the size of an adult's arm whose tip is taped. The wood penetrates to the stomach, esophagus, to the head.

"They, the poor Muslims were dying with such a terrible way. They didn't have time to remember the sweet and beautiful memories they had experienced. " - Quoted from Dracula's book, Muslim Massacre in the Crusades

"Babies who were told not to have time to cry anymore because they were dying right away as soon as the wood pierced her tiny belly" - Quoted from Dracula's book, Muslim Massacre in the Crusades

According to Hyphatia, cruelty as told in the book he made so far has been hidden by the West. Dracula's massacre of Muslims cannot be separated from the Crusades. Western countries that were the main supporters of the Crusaders certainly did not want to be smeared in the face. They always reveal the Hilter and Pol Pot massacres, but for the story of Dracula themselves, they always hide it. The cruel Dracula will always be protected by his good name because Dracula is considered a hero in the Crusades. Until now in Romania, Dracula was still a hero.

The West continues to hide who Dracula really is through both fiction and film, they try to make the true identity of Dracula's figure unfold. And, it must be admitted that Western efforts to change Dracula's figure from the fact of being fiction are quite successful. This measure of success can be seen from how many people know about who Dracula really is.

In addition to tell the lies carried out by the West, in his book, Hyphatia also examines the meaning of the cross in the fiction of Dracula. As it is well known, the description of Dracula in a fictional story is related with two objects, garlic and a cross. It is said that only Dracula was afraid of these two objects. According to Hyphatia the use of the symbol of the cross is a Western way to remove heroes from their enemies (Islamic heroes) and at the same time to show their superiority.

The hero whose name he wants to omit from the same story is Sultan Mahmud II (in the West known as Sultan Mehmed II). The Sultan was the conqueror of Constantinople who was also the conqueror of Dracula. Sultan Mehmed managed to defeat and decapitate Dracula on the edge of Danua Snagov. But the West tried to hide this. The West heralded that they could defeat Dracula. So it was created a fiction that Dracula could only be defeated by the cross. The purpose of all this besides wanting to obscure the role of Sultan Mahmud II as well as to show that they are the most superior, who can defeat Dracula the Bloodthirsty. This Western effort can be said to be successful.

In addition to those described above, the book "Dracula, the Massacre of Muslims in the Crusade" by Hyphatia Cneajna, also contains things that are hidden so far that they are not widely known by the public. For example about Dracula's grave which until now has not been clearly revealed, the descendants of Dracula, the various types of Dracula torture and Dracula's other actions.


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