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Takdir Song, Lita Ghost Caller - Takdir (in English: Destiny) Song is a creepy song from Indonesia that is said that to be able to call a ghost named Lita. Not only that, Destiny Song is considered to affect your emotion. So if someone sings or listens to this song, then that person will experience an unexpected mysterious incident.

A brief History

The singer and creator of Takdir song is unknown. But what is certain is that the Takdir song first appeared and circulated in the city of Pati, Central Java. Spread by person to person, it is said that this song tells about a woman who died before she could express her love for a mysterious man. Then a man created this Takdir song as a form of regret for not knowing that the woman liked him until she died. He created this song full of feelings and emotions with deep and heartbreaking poems.

Lyrics of Takdir song:

Shrink into a quiet night

I lean on the black day

I'm still fixated

I call the night wind

I hope it will be blown away

But you are all gone in vain


When night comes

I can't see you

When morning comes

I can't touch you

You have gone ...

Indeed, my fault never knew

About the contents of your heart

But now you close your eyes forever


It is said that anyone who heard this song right in the middle of the night, suddenly will change their emotion, affected by the soul and thought. Those who listen to this song will change their emotion for no clear reason, some will cry, some will be sad, some will be silent, some will be shaken, some will suddenly hysterical, some will come to a woman while sleeping, and some even claim to be possessed by a female ghost when his mind is empty.


This rumor has been been spread in the cities around Pati, such as Kudus, Semarang, Rembang, Jepara, Blora, etc. A lot of stories were coming without a clear source.

A student in Pati. He listened to this song at 12pm midnight through Mp3 file, after hearing this song he became absent-minded for 2 days, his mind was empty, for 2 days his soul was imprisoned in another world. But on the second night, his mother dreamed of a woman who drove his son home and his day began to improve and recover.

Then a Private High School Student in Kudus listened to this song before going to bed at 1 o'clock in the morning. He admitted that after hearing it 2 days in a row, he always dreamed of being visited by a beautiful woman in yellow.

A child was singing this song around 12 o'clock in the evening using a guitar.  When the song is sung, A woman in yellow passes and disappears in front of him.

A music teacher claimed to smell of jasmine flower when listening to this song at 1:00 in the morning, and dreamed of being visited by another woman in yellow. She had been invited to go with the woman, but she refused.

There are many other testimonies, like someone who suddenly crying, hearing sound of footsteps, the voice of women crying, the sound falling from the roof, the fragrant smell of jasmine, the sound of people knocking on the door, etc. But also many people do not believe with the urban legend, and they want to prove by themselves.

At the beginning and at the end of the song, there was a ringing sound. The last ringing sound was a strange sound.

If you want to prove it, please invite some people, do not try it alone. Play this song right at midnight, who knows you can meet the Lita ghost.


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