Friday, November 2, 2018


Story of the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship - Have you ever watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Dead Man’s Chest? You must know about a ghost ship called the Flying Dutchman. Or have you ever watched Sponge Bob's cartoon? There is also a figure of a green pirate ghost who always appears with his ship. Actually the ghosts in both films are not just a made up ghost for a film. There is a legend story behind the Flying Dutchman Ghost Ship.

There are various versions of the story about the Flying Dutchman. One of them is a story that originated from Netherlands.

In the story from the Netherlands, it is told that a captain ship from the Netherlands named Van der Decken tried to sail the sea towards Indonesia in the 17th century. The captain sailed from Amsterdam with the crew using the Flying Dutchman. Unfortunately on the way, the Flying Dutchman ships faced bad weather which was dangerous for the safety of the entire crew.

Van der Decken asked the crew to continue the journey even though the weather was in a very bad condition. He even challenged God by saying that if he didn't get to his destination, he and the crew would be damned forever. His big mouth was defeated by the giant storm which caused all crews of the Flying Dutchman to be cursed forever to sail the ocean.

Not a few people who claimed to have seen a large ship without crew sailed the ocean. When noticed, the ship suddenly disappeared.

It is said that if there were people who saw a Dutchman flying ship, they would be hit by a curse, so that the crew there were killed instantly.


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