Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ruqyah Syariah, A Method to Handle Possession - Possession causes people losing control of themselves. Sometimes they are shouting, laughing, even they could hurting people around them. Possession is believed caused by a spirit. To gain the control back, Ruqyah Syariah can be used to chase away the spirit.

This world is divided into two, the human world and the spirit world. The spirit world is lived by jinn, demons, ghosts, and so on.

Possession usually could be spread to the near people around the possessed person. Because the spirit may want to move to another body or there might be some other spirits around. So if the people nearby have a weak mentality, then they may have a higher chance to be possessed.

Some possession cases that took place in some school in Indonesia for example, they experienced mass possession. A lot of students being possessed at the same time.

Around 20 students on March 1, 2006 and around 50 students on March 2, being possessed by spirits. It took place at SMAN 6 Lampung (A high school in Lampung city, Indonesia). To handle the possession, Ruqyah Syariah is the most effective way, especially in Islam.

Ruqyah Syariah is a therapy used to cure a person from a possession. This method has been used since the era of Prophets. This is done by reading the holy verses of the Koran and also praying. So, the possessed people will return to normal after the spirits coming out from the possessed body.


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