Monday, November 5, 2018


Rokurokubi, Long-necked Japanese Woman Ghost - Horror legend in Japan is always interesting for horror fans. Lots of creepy and unique ghosts coming from Japan. One of them is Rokurokubi.

Rokurokubi is a ghost originating from folktales in Japan. During the day, Rokurokubi is an ordinary woman, and will turn into a ghost at night. The Rokurokubi neck will extend at night.

According to legend, Rokurokubi were originally only ordinary a human. However, because she violated a Buddhist rules, she was condemned to be a creepy long-necked creature. But some sources say that Rokurokubi is a supernatural incarnation of human desires.

Rokurokubi often scares and disturbs people who behave badly. But in reality anyone can be visited by the Rokurokubi. In general, the ghost shows its true form to drunk people, fraudsters, people who are sleeping in their dream, or even blind people.

Some legends reveal that Rokurokubi can also suck the lives of other creatures. This type of Rokurokubi are those who have gone too far, they crime were very heavy.

Be careful if you are planning to marry to any woman, because it could be that the woman is a Rokurokubi. You will only realize it after marriage, and find the woman's neck extends when night is coming.

Strange cases also often occur when the Rokurokubi herself does not realize that she is a ghost who can extend her neck. This happens because when she is sleeping, her head will stretch. And when they wake up, they just assume that it's just a nightmare.


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