Saturday, November 3, 2018

Real Story of Creepy Dolls in California - A terrible incident experienced by eight families living close together. They got a mysterious doll like the face of their son lying in front of their house. The real story of this creepy doll happened in California.

The eight California families who got the mysterious doll each have a 10-year-old daughter. The police are still investigating this case after receiving reports from the families..

Jeff Hallock of Orange County Sheriff's Department said he was surprised by this case. "We are trying to connect the family and the daughters they have," he said. "We are trying to find out the correlation."

Dolls received by each family are made of porcelain and are designed to be similar to the children of the householder.

Although girls in the area attend the same school, not all of their families know each other. This is what makes the officers have difficulty finding out who left the mysterious doll in front of the houses.

"The doll was placed in front of the house and the accepting family had thought that only they were the only people who received the doll. But when all the families started talking about each other and showing the dolls they received, they were worried," Jeff Hallock explained.

Police find out whether the California doll is a handmade doll or bought from a local merchant. Even though the situation seems really mysterious, the police feel the need to follow up with this incident.

"At the moment we cannot confirm the planned crime. This is something that is very suspicious and we will continue to monitor. At present we are trying to find the answer," Jeff said.


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