Saturday, November 3, 2018


Orang Bunian, Supernatural Beings Who Often Go to the Real World - Orang Bunian (Bunian People) are spirits like humans who sometimes come to the real world. Orang Bunian actually lives in a world that is different from humans, or has its own nature. Only certain people could find out their whereabouts.

In Indonesia, Bunian people are often interpreted as Elves. However, this is actually not right because Bunian itself means people who are hiding or people who whistle in Malay.

Appearance Bunian people are similar to most Southeast Asian people, not too high postures, black hair, and brown skin. they usually look beautiful and handsome so that's why they are aligned with Elves.

The Bunian people are said to live in other dimensions than those inhabited by humans. Like humans, they also have families and have a social structure.

There is no significant difference if we compare Orang Bunian with ordinary humans. That way, many stories then say that Bunian people can fall in love with ordinary people, or vice versa.

If this happens, then the Bunian will usually bring the person he loves to his magical world and get married forever.

Until now, there is no certainty whether the existence of Orang Bunian can be proven by scientific ways. News about them also only comes from folktales or tales that are not known the sources.


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