Friday, November 2, 2018


Ohio & Notre Dame, 2 Haunted American Universities - Almost every university around the world has a ghost story. So even with the following two universities in the US that also have a terrible story.

Ohio University

It is said that many mystical incidents took place at Ohio University. Horror stories on this campus range from the sighting of ghost lecturers, ghost basketball teams who like to practice at night, doors that open and close themselves, to strange noises heard from empty classrooms. Although it is believed that the all rooms are haunted, there is one of the most haunted buildings on this campus, Wilson Hall. It is said that there was a student who often performed satanic rituals and died in room 428. To cover up the case, school officials closed the room.

University of Notre Dame

Even though it is inhabited by good ghosts, but still, the story in this campus is creepy. On this historic campus, there is the legendary Notre Dame Football star, George Gipp. It is said that even though he did not intend to be evil, this ghost often acted ignorantly by tapping the students' shoulders and disappearing as they turned to look for who tapped them. Not only that, he also often hovers behind students while holding their shoulders. The most terrible thing is that on this campus there are said to be patrols of Patawatami Indian soldiers who are often seen riding horses around the stairs. The sound of the steps is often heard.


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