Friday, November 30, 2018


Mysterious Midnight Phone Call - In the middle of a night, there was a scary incident in our house. Suddenly the telephone in our house ringing. At first we were hesitant to take it because it was midnight. It feels a little rude to someone who calls at midnight like that. But finally my mother decided to take the call because she thought there was an emergency call.

After my mother takes the phone, a scary conversation was began.

Mom: "Hello".
Caller: "Hello, can I talk to Mrs. Jeni". (not real name)
Mom: "yes, it's me".
Caller: "Are you still renting your house, ma'am?"
Mom: "Sorry, I don't understand. I'm not renting my house".
Caller: "I'm already in front of your house. Can you come out?".

The phone was suddenly turned off. And my mother immediately woke up my father who already slept by that time

My father opened the door to see who was outside. But strange, no one was in front of our house.

Just after that, suddenly the lights went out.


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