Monday, November 5, 2018

Mole People, Creepy Underground Creatures - Believe it or not, there was a surprising discovery in the United States, about the primitives called Mole People which are believed live 20 miles below the surface. This discovery was carried out by NASA scientists who dug deep into the earth. NASA tried to hide the existence of this people from public.

This secret information originated from an anonymous NASA scientist. He has revealed exclusive images and important information about the Mole People.

"This news must be disclosed, this is too big to be keep". The source has revealed some surprising secrets about Mole People. "They look friendly, but they are very primitive."

Communication difficulties occur because Mole People cannot use English. NASA handles the situation very carefully to prevent unwanted incidents.

"These creatures could attack us anytime. We do not know exactly how many of them are. So far in one city, we have found around 2000 Moles".

"But there is a speculation that there are millions of Mole people living in underground" he said.

"Like us, they walk on two legs, but they are much taller than ordinary humans, 8 to 10 feet tall. Their fingers are like animal"

"And their hands are webbed, designed to dig."

"Their skin is very strong. It's to hold the heat under the earth".

They communicate in languages ​​similar to the Old Navajo dialect. The source also states that these Moles have a very large muscular system, making them able to act viciously. Their strength is 5 times greater than humans.

"There was a member of the expedition who lit a cigarette, the Moles considered it as a threat, and then a Mole attacked the smoker."

They claw and attack the person like an animal. Luckily he survived from the terrible incident.

These Moles look very interested in our world. They are interested in clothing, equipment and food. They really like fresh fruits.

NASA was very enthusiastic in studying the Moles. "We want to know everything about them - what they eat, how they live and, most importantly, is there any connection with humans in certain aspects. Are they actually the ancestors of today's modern humans?

Indeed there are some speculations about the Moles from experts. They could have been a similar species with Yetis (Bigfoot), alien creatures from space or the survivors of the lost city of Atlantis. Experts also say this discovery has led to even greater mysteries.

So far NASA has found a secret door connected to the underground world around Washington State's Mount Shasta, Mammoth cave in Kentucky and also caves scattered around the southwestern US, according to sources.


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