Saturday, November 3, 2018


Meet Ghost of Little Child in Kindergarten - This story is taken from the experience of a woman who works as a kindergarten teacher. At that time, she was in kindergarten until late night to check the assignment of her students. Following is the story of the woman:

I am a housewife who has a profession as a kindergarten teacher. I live in a village in Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia.

One day, I got a call from a head of the kindergarten where I was teaching, to replace the another teacher that day. Because I happened to have no other activities at that time, I accepted the request from the principal.

The next afternoon, around 5 pm, I came to my kindergarten to teach an afternoon class. I just found out that in the afternoon, the environment was quiet, there were rarely people passing in front of the kindergarten.

Even when the children arrived, there were only 8 people who came. I taught until 8pm. Then I just remembered there was a child assignment that I had not checked. So I did not go straight home, but I checked the assignment at the kindergarten until 9pm.

When I was checking my students' assignments, I heard some voices from outside, it sounds like a child playing in the park.

At first I ignored it, because I thought it was only the neighbors's child who was playing in the park. Then the voice became louder, I was curious to see it.

When I came out, there was nobody outside playing in the park. But the swing swayed a little. I started to feel something. I'm scared.

I quickly decided to go home and clear up the paperwork inside. When I was still inside the kindergarten, the voice came again and I immediately went out to get my motorbike and go home.

When I reached the parking lot, how shocked I was to see a small child in the rearview mirror. The child was standing in the distance staring at me. I immediately rode my motorbike and prayed during the trip so that the child ghost did not follow me.


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