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Kuntilanak, A Woman Ghost in White Dress - In the movies, especially in Indonesia, Kuntilanak is shown as a female ghost dressed in white, with a black long hair. Kuntilanak is also often associated as a baby kidnapper / predator. But what is the real story of Kuntilanak?

Kuntilanak in Malay called Puntianak or Pontianak, is a ghost who is believed come from a pregnant woman who died while her child was still in her womb.

Kuntilanak is actually also known in mainland Europe. Folklore on mainland Europe tells the story of a creature named Banshee. Especially in England there is also Jenny Greenteeth.

In Malay folklore, the figure of Kuntilanak is depicted in the form of a beautiful woman with a hollow back. Kuntilanak is told as a haunted creature that haunts villagers for wanting revenge.

If we check the characteristics, Banshee and Kuntilanak actually have similarities:

  • Often laughing squeaky / giggling
  • Crying sobbing, and creepy
  • Like being in an old building or an unfinished building
  • Often also around rivers, lakes or ponds
  • Like children's meat

According to stories, when Kuntilanak appears, it is always accompanied by the smell of jasmine flowers. It is said that men who are not careful can be killed, because Kuntilanak can turns into a bloodsucker.

Kuntilanak also enjoys eating babies and disturbing pregnant women. In some stories and horror movies in Malaysia, Kuntilanak is told can kill people by sucking blood from their neck. Maybe this is the same as vampires.

According to Sundanese tradition, Kuntilanak does not have a hole in her back. Ghosts that have holes in the back as described above are called Sundel Bolong (different ghost).

Kuntilanak is also like some trees as a place to stay. One of them is the Waru Tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus).

Based on the beliefs and traditions of the Javanese people, Kuntilanak will not disturb the pregnant women if the women always carries nails, knives and scissors, when they are traveling anywhere.

According to Malaysian people's beliefs, sharp objects such as nails can counteract Kuntilanak attacks.


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