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Jelangkung, Indonesian Ghost-Calling Game and Its Historical Facts - Jelangkung (Jailangkung) is a popular game in Indonesia, as a ghost-calling game. Basically this game quite similar with Ouija game from Japan. We can communicate with the summoned ghost. If you watch Indonesian horror movies, you may quite often to seeing the game.

Jelangkung is a traditional game to call spirits into a self-made doll. Usually Jelangkung is shaped like a doll with a coconut shell for its head. Jelangkung dolls are given clothes, and also a pen / pencil which is attached to its body.

There is a special spell to call the ghost, which must be repeated over and over again. If this spell succeeds, then the Jelangkung doll will move by itself.

Jelangkung Spell:

"Jelangkung, jelangkung, here is a small party, come not picked up, go home not delivered"

A resident of Menteng, Central Jakarta, Indonesia, shared his experience in playing the Jelangkung game.

"This is not just a story of people but this is one of my life experiences. One night after studying, me and my friends, at that time the five of us, were gathered in a field near a house of my teacher, then there was a friend who had an idea, ​​playing Jelangkung. We collected kitchen equipment, twigs, ropes, paper and pencils. In a short time, we are ready to play the game.  Five of us read the spell to summon the ghost into Jelangkung doll. After we read the spell for the 7th times, Jelangkung is shaking. The doll feels heavier, and the pencil points to the paper "

"After Jelangkung came, I asked a number of questions to Jelangkung, and he answered by moving the pencil to write the words on the provided paper".

There are a lot of things that can be asked to Jelakung, not only asking for their identity, but also there are some people asking about gambling numbers.

Origin of Jelangkung

Jelangkung is strongly suspected originating from a Chinese belief in the existence of Poyang and Moyang spirit powers, namely 'Cay Lan Kung' and 'Cay Lan Tse'. Meanwhile, for a similar belief, the term Ni Towong is known in Java. This can be seen as the same because of the story of myths and beliefs that envelop both of them, there is no difference.

'Cay Lan Kung' or what we know today as Jelangkung, in its place of origin (China) is a ritual to call Poyang and Moyang spirits, who are believed as protectors of children. The Poyang and Moyang spirits were summoned to enter a wooden doll whose hands could be moved. At the end of the hand the doll, pen / pencil is attached. The wooden doll was also decorated with human clothes. If the doll becomes heavy, it is a sign that the doll has been possessed by a spirit, the answers to all the questions asked will be written by the spirit who possesses the doll on the whiteboard provided.


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