Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Humans Can Be Zombies Based on Chemical Viewpoint - Did you know, it turns out there is a chemical analysis that states humans can become zombies by using a certain chemical. It can be fatal if someone really succeeds in making this chemical. Humans will eventually become zombies.

1. Frog Skin

Frog skin commonly called bufo can cause a death if the frog is feeling threatened. There are 3 chemical ingredients in frog skin, namely biogenic amine, bufogenik, and bufotoxin. One of the effects is pain relief which is stronger than cocaine.

2. Puffer fish

In Japan, puffer fish known as fugo has a poison called "tetrodotoxin". Tetrodoxin is a deadly nerve poison. The effect is 160 million times stronger than cocaine. Many cases where there are people who regained consciousness after being declared dead for several days due to eating this poison.

3. Datura (jimpson grass)

Datura contains anthropin, hyoskiamine, and scopolamine chemicals, which can react as hallucinogens if given in the right dosage. In addition, these chemicals can also erase memories, causing paralysis and death.

Of the three ingredients above, if there is a chemist who succeeds in making Zombie concoctions, it can cause side effects that cause death and become a Zombie.


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