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Horror Stories in the Gunadarma University, Indonesia

MostCreepy.com - Some of the horror incidents at the Gunadarma University in Depok, Indonesia, have been spread among the students. Red ghost? Good and bad smell toilet ghost? And there are many other ghost stories.

It is said that these scary stories are often experienced by the students. But some students still consider the stories as a hoax because they have never experienced it by themselves.

Regardless the facts, the stories in the Gunadarma Universty is worth to know.

Ghost in the toilet of building 4

On campus E, 3rd floor between buildings 3 and 4,

There is a story ... One day, someone is going to the toilet with two other friends. In the toilet, there are 3 toilet's doors, but only two are open. The closed door seems locked from the inside. But strangely seems like there is no activity from the inside.

They were afraid someone might faint in the toilet. Because of that, they tried to open the toilet's door, but could not. They tried knocking the door, but there was no response. One of them heard someone laughing. Even though the others said no one passed by because it was really quiet. It was around 4 o'clock.

They left the place with a bad feeling. Not long after that, they met another friend, and they told him about the incident. Then they are coming back to the toilet. And the toilet door still closed.

After returning home, one of them feels something, his waist feels hot ... At the home, his cat was acting strange, and the cat does not want to get close to him ...

On the third day he experienced sleep paralyze, he could not move his body on his bed.

And after telling about the incident to his friends, it turns out that his friend also experienced the same thing ...

Computer lab

There is another story from a computer lab assistant ...

One day, he got a task to turn off all the computers in the lab at night... When he wanted to go home, there was a computer that suddenly turned on ... then he says "I'm tired, I want to go home" and suddenly the computer turned off by itself ...

Campus H

In front of campus H is a cemetery ... The campus maintains dogs as campus guards ... every afternoon after the gate is closed, the dogs are released, and sometimes the dogs like to bark in a direction, but nothing is seen ... so surely everyone knows that animal instincts are more sensitive ...

FaaL Lab

The story is coming from a lecturer ... If the ghosts come, they always give a sign like a knock ... and we have to respond with greetings. such as "hello", "yes", or "hey". If we do not greet properly, the ghosts may appear suddenly in front of our face.

A toilet with a good and bad smells

One day, I smelled perfume in the toilet.  People said that it's a smell of ghost. They said if there is a bad smell, it means an evil ghost... but if the smell is good, means good ghost...

Red ghost

In campus E, there was a stressed student, she jumped from the balcony of 3rd floor between buildings 1 and 2 ... Since then, at night, the ghost was seen with red clothes ... A lot of people experienced seeing her.


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