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Hitori Kakurenbo, Playing Hide and Seek with Ghost Doll - Hitori kakurenbo is a creepy hide-and-seek game from Japan. Why is it creepy? Because you will play hide and seek along with a doll possessed by ghost. Basically this game is to summon ghosts to enter into the provided doll, to play hide and seek.

What makes it even more scary is that the game uses sharp objects as a tool to complete the game, or in other words, the game will stop if the seeker succeeds in stabing a person who is hiding by using the sharp object.

The following are things that must be prepared in order to be able to play this creepy doll game:

- A doll that has arms and legs

- Rice

- Nail clipper

- Knives, broken glass, or other sharp objects

- Sewing needles and red thread

- Salt water

- Bathtub

After the above preparations have been fulfilled, then do the following steps:

- Turn off the lights and all the other electronic items, except televisions. Your television need to be turned on with no program state.

- Start this game from the inside of bathroom

- Cut the doll, remove all the cotton from the doll, fill the doll with rice until it's full.

- Cut and insert your nail pieces into the doll

- Sew back the doll with the red thread. It doesn't need to be neat, the important thing is that the rice doesn't come out.

- Decide a name for the doll

- Fill the bathtub with water until it's full

- Before starting the next step, you have to make sure that you bring a glass of salt water.

- Now the ritual will begin, right at 3:00 a.m., morning, put the doll into the bathtub that is full of water, while saying "<your name> first!" three times. Example: if your name is Bob, then you have to say "Bob first!"

- After that, immediately run to your hiding place by bringing sharp objects and counting to 10.

- After finishing counting, go back to the bathroom, take the doll from the bathtub and stab the doll with a sharp object while saying "I found you <doll name>". Example: If the name of the doll is Anabelle. then you have to say "I found you Anabelle!".

- After that you have to say "Now <name of doll> is seeker!" three times. Example: "Now Anabelle is Seeker!". Then return the doll to the bathtub, leave the sharp object in the bathroom, and immediately run into your hiding place. The most important thing is to make sure you bring salt water with you this time.

- Make sure you hide in a place that is really difficult to find and don't make any noise.

The actual game is starting

If you have done each of the above steps, that means the actual game has been started. Dolls that were in the bathroom will come looking for you. When you are hiding, you will hear the sound of footsteps, falling objects, and some creepy sound from your TV, "Where are you? Are you there? I know you're there? I found you".

If the doll is getting closer, you should immediately finish the game. Because the ghost doll will not hesitate to finish your life.

How to end the game

Put salt water into your mouth, but don't swallow it. Then get out of your hiding place and look for the doll. Immediately spray the ghost doll with salt water from your mouth. Then say "I win!" three times. Now the game has already ended.

Don't forget to immediately cut the red thread from the doll, dry it, and burn the doll until it becomes ash. So the ghost inside the doll will leave immediately.


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