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Historical Facts of Sadako, A Japanese Ghost - As a fan of horror films, you must be familiar with a ghost named Sadako. Sadako is believed as a young woman who was raped and killed. Her body was thrown into the old well. But there are also some stories say that Sadako died by suicide. Sadako has a long haircut, wearing a white shirt, and has a pale face.

Sadako is often seen at midnight. It is said that Sadako is usually seen coming in and out of the old wells. A lot of horrible stories has been spread about this creepy ghost.

As a fan of horror stories, you may be disappointed after knowing the facts about the real Sadako. Actually Sadako Sasaki who was borned on January 7, 1943, is a Japanese girl who lives near the Misasa bridge in Hiroshima, Japan. At that time, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Sadako was only two years old on August 6, 1945, when he was a victim of the atomic bomb. At the time of the explosion, Sadako was in a house about 1 mile from the point of the bomb blast. Even though she was not died in the bomb incident, but she suffered a disease.

In January 1955, purple spots began to form and became bigger and bigger. Then, Sadako was diagnosed with leukemia as a disease he suffered, the disease was later referred to as "An Atomic Bomb Disease".

On August 3, 1955, Chizuko Hamamoto, Sadako's best friend came to the hospital to visit and give an origami from paper made into a crane. At first Sadako didn't understand why Chizuko did this, then Chizuko told the story about the work of cranes. Then she started making cranes himself since she heard the story, the Japanese used to say that people who can make 1000 cranes will get what they want. The version of the story that is popular in Japan is that she did not make 1000 cranes from her original intention, she only made 644 folds before she died. Her friend who successfully completed until 1000 cranes was buried together with Sadako.

Whereas another version states that at the end of August 1955, Sadako had reached that goal and continued to fold cranes until she died. This story comes from the book Sadako and Thousands of Paper Cranes, an exhibition that appeared at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

Although she had plenty of free time while she was in the hospital to make cranes, she did not have enough paper to make 1000 cranes. She got the paper by going to another patient's room to ask for a used gift paper that was no longer used and her friend, Chizuko, who always brought paper every day after school for Sadako.

During her time at the hospital, her condition worsened. Around mid-October, the left leg swells and becomes purple. Then Sadako's surrounding family died on the morning of October 25, 1955.

So the conclusion is there is no connection between sadako and old wells, all are mere fictitious ghost stories that are made up to make it look even more creepy for the needs of the story.


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