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Hello Kitty, the Symbol of Satan's Worship? - Hello Kitty is a white cat-shaped character. Hello Kitty was introduced in the form of dolls that have spread to almost the entire world. Although it is somewhat cute, according to an urban legend, Hello Kitty turned out to have a creepy story.

According to the story, Hello Kitty was made by a woman from China in 1970. At that time her 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with oral cancer. The medicine for her daughter had not yet been found. There was no medical treatment that could be done.

The mother of this girl did not give up, and then she visited each church in the city to pray for her daughter's recovery. Without getting a satisfactory result, she becomes hesitant and discouraged.

In the end she decided to engage with rituals and worship of the devil. The agreement with the devil was done to save her daughter.

Satan asks for rewards, the mother must create a character that must be able to attract the attention of children throughout the world. With this character, Satan wants the spread of worship of Satan.

It turned out that her daughter had been recovered from the cancer she had suffered. The mother then kept the agreement she did with Satan. He made Hello Kitty. In accordance with its shape, Hello Kitty is described as having no mouth because it reminded her of her daughter who had oral cancer. The word 'Kitty' also means 'Devil' in Chinese, so Hello Kitty can be means 'Hello Devil'.

After that, anyone who buys Hello Kitty, means that they will welcome Satan to enter his heart. Now, devil worshipers around the world use Hello Kitty as a secret symbol and some of them even use Hello Kitty tattoos on their bodies. Satanists do that to interpret themselves as 'Devil Girls'.

Of course, all of that is just an urban legend. Because Hello Kitty is actually made by a Japanese company called Sanrio, which specifically makes cartoon characters. Hello Kitty is also use on a bag or wallet. And also, Kitty does not mean 'Devil' in Chinese.

The creator of Hello Kitty did not make a mouth for the character because they deliberately wanted to make an ambiguous expression. An empty expression which means you can imagine the expression of Hello Kitty characters yourself. If you are sad, you can feel Hello Kitty is sad too. Conversely if you are happy, you can describe the expression of happiness to Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty seems to be able to emit the emotions you feel.

In 1999, Hong Kong was shocked by the incident of a brutal murder which was finally called 'Hello Kitty Killer' or 'Hello Kitty Murder'. The name is due to several facts found in the murder case. A group of young men were found to have tortured and killed a waiter in one of their apartments. After killing, the victim's body was mutilated and his head was hidden in a Hello Kitty doll.


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