Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Haunted Room in Surabaya, Indonesia

MostCreepy.com - My name is Rani, in October 2012, my husband and I decided to stay at a boarding room in Surabaya, Indonesia. Precisely in the Dharma Rakyat area. That time was exactly a month after we held our wedding. We chose the place because it's close to my husband's office. My husband and I live on the top floor, the first floor lived by the house owner.

After one and two months, everything seemed going well. Something strange began around the third month. If I'm alone, when my husband going to office, it seems like something is watching me. Maybe it was just my feeling, because nobody in my room except me.

One night, my husband was going outside for playing soccer. So I was living alone in my room. The feeling was coming again, something seems watching me. But I couldn't see anything. I tried to sleep, but I couldn't.

My husband came around 1 o'clock, I was still awake, I was very scared, cold sweat poured through my body.

On the next day, I heard a story from a maid in the house. She said there is a spirit, a beautiful ghost, tall and slender. She is really beauty, her face like a Dutch.

The maid told me  she often saw a small child running under a stair in the house, while actually there was no children. She also often heard the voice of people calling her name, even though there was no one in the house.

I found that someone had committed suicide in my room. Not only that, it was also a place to murder someone.

After we decided to move to a different place, my husband finally told me that he had seen a person walking in front of our room. But when my husband coming out to check it, there was nobody. My husband never told me before because he didn't want me to be afraid because of his story.


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