Monday, November 5, 2018


Ghost Story in a House Room - Two small children have seen ghosts in a house room. Little children are considered to be able to see ghosts. Therefore when children says there is "something" at what they are pointing at, but we do not see anything, it's possible there is a ghost.

One day, a small child who just learned to talk and walk is walking alone in a house. The little boy was not afraid of anything at the time. He roamed around the house while still learning to properly walking.

But suddenly, when the child turned towards a room whose door was opened. He suddenly said "Uwa, Uwa, Uwa" while pointing towards the room. Even though the room was very dark because it happened that the lamp in the room was not turned on.

With a frightened face, the little boy continued to point toward the room while repeating the words. But here was nothing strange in the room.

Apparently there was another story about the same room. Previously a different child had also seen a spirit in the room. At that moment, this little boy already can talk clearly. He asked "who is the person in that room? Friend? "

Strangely, nobody is in the room.


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