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Gadsden Hotel, Haunted Hotel that Becomes Target of Curious Guests - A Hotel Manager, Robin Brekhus, initially did not believe in the existence of a ghost in his hotel which is located in Arizona. The hotel believed to have a supernatural history.

But one day, Brekhus saw a ghost in a long coat with a cowboy hat while he is in the basement. He was looking for candles when the electricity went out.

"It seems that the ghost wanted me to look directly into his eyes to prove that I really saw him," he recalled.

Brekhus immediately ran while screaming in fear when he saw the ghost.

Since the incident, Brekhus finally believed that there was a ghost in the Hotel.

At the 2013 Halloween celebration, the hotel deliberately made a program to honor the ghosts who lived there. Management invited the blues band from Tennessee to play music in the hotel lobby.

Guests are welcome to enjoy the event in a Halloween costume. They party with the ghosts who are indeed expected to appear.

This inn named Gadsden Hotel, has 160 rooms that are listed as the National Register of Historic Places. Opened in 1907, this hotel had a fire and was temporarily closed for renovation, then the hotel was reopened in 1929.

Renovations due to fires have changed some parts of the hotel. But the interior of the hotel lobby decorated with white marble floors is maintained. In addition, a number of furniture such as paintings and tables that did not experience severe damage were maintained so as to be a witness of history recalling the heyday of the hotel.

If there are hotel guests who experience supernatural events, they are welcome to leave video recordings, photos, or just scary story sheets on the reception desk to be documented by hotel staff.

There have been many testimonials collected from hotel visitors. There were guests who heard the sound of the room door opening itself even though it was locked. At that moment they saw two ghost figures enter and then disappeared.

There are also those who experience terrible events while sleeping. He suddenly woke up from his sleep because he felt someone was pulling his hair. When he realized this, it turned out that there was a ghost figure lying next to him.

A paranormal on TV shows and amateur ghost hunters tries to install several cameras that are capable of capturing thermal images. A number of guests who had stayed overnight were enthusiastic about sending photos of ghost sightings caught on camera. Including a figure of a cowboy who was sitting on the sofa in the hotel lobby.

Although there have been many testimonials and stories collected, it turns out that not all hotel guests believe in ghosts.

Brenda Maley, the hotel manager, did not argue about the many scary events that occurred during the 36 years he worked there. Now he is used to it.

"Eventually you will get used to it. You will be lonely without the sighting of the ghosts," he said.


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