Saturday, November 3, 2018


Female Ghost in a Junior High School - A ghost story in a junior high school of Jambi City, Indonesia (callled SMP N 6 Kota Jambi), is quite popular. One day, there was a mass possession at this junior high school. The story has begun a long time ago, when one of the female students at the school decided to hang herself in the toilet of the school.

According to circulating rumor, the girl committed suicide because she was pregnant. Since the suicidal case, the school's toilet has become a creepy haunted toilet.

A teacher said, the temperature of the water inside the toilet bath was very different. Sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's cold. A lot of people got possessed after they were using the toilet.

Until finally the school decided to permanently close the toilet by using a wooden board nailed to the toilet door.

Year after year has been passed, the wooden board used to cover the toilet looks worn, and finally breaks itself. There was a student who urinated in the toilet. The next day, there was a mass possession at the school. The possession occurred for several consecutive days. The incident occurred while teaching and learning activities were held.

One of the students who experienced possessions said that she saw a Pocong (White ghost) from a distance near the toilet. When the student noticed the ghost, suddenly the ghost disappeared and appeared right in front of the student. After that she was possessed and did not remember what happened to her.

The female ghost (called Kuntilanak) was often seen at night sitting on a tree at the school. If you are lucky, you can see that the ghost is sitting with his feet dangling down while humming.


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