Monday, November 19, 2018


Facts about Orang Bunian in Minangkabau, Indonesia - Orang Bunian (Bunian People) are actually spirits that are well known and believed to be real in Malaysia. But it turns out that not only in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia., Especially in Minangkabau, West Sumatra, Indonesia, Orang Bunian is quite popular. They are believed to have a body like humans, and living in quiet places, for example in an abandoned house. Another myth also mentions that Bunian People are often found in the forest.

Orang Bunian are also often associated with "Dewa" (God) in Minangkabau. But the notion of "God" here is different from the understanding of the deity in which is explained in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. "Dewa" in Minangkabau terms means a countryman who lives in the forest, in the jungle, on the edge of a hill, or near a cemetery.

Usually when the sun sets, on the edge of the hill there will be a smell which is commonly known as "Cuisine of Gods" or "Samba Dewa". According to local people, the aroma resembles the smell of fried potatoes.

"God" or "Dewa" in Minangkabau beliefs are female, who are beautiful. So, is Orang Bunian actually a beautiful female ghost?

The Minangkabau people also believe that if someone is missing, then the person is hidden by the Orang Bunian. There is also the term "Human Nurtured by God", that is newborn babies who are kidnapped by Orang Bunian.


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