Saturday, November 3, 2018


Creepy Story, Ambulance Ghost in Bandung - A creepy story of an ambulance ghost in Bandung is believed as a real story. There are many versions of the story about the ambulance parked at the house of Bahureksa Street 15, Bandung, Indonesia.

One story tells of a Dutch family who had lived in the house. Their family had an accident and died. All the family members were taken by the ambulance from the accident location to the hospital.

On the next day, mysteriously a creepy ambulance was parked in their house. Nobody know clearly what was happening with the ambulance. People believe it is a haunted ambulance.

Arif, who has been working nearby since 2007, he actually heard many versions of the ambulance story. According to the story he got, the car was once an ambulance belonging to a Hospital in Bandung.

But there is also another version of the story coming from a clothing store nearby.

"According to the version I heard, the family who used to live in this house were all killed by robbers. Someone called the hospital. But apparently the robber group was still inside the house and also killed the people who were coming from the hospital. So that's why the ambulance was left here"

According to the circulating stories, the car's engine often turns on by itself at night, it disturbs the surrounding neighbors. The neighborhood decided to lift the car's engine. But strangely the engine of the ambulance sometimes is still heard.


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