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Codex Gigas, A Giant Devil's Bible - Book of Devils (Devil's Bible), Codex Gigas, is a giant book with a demon illustration. This book gets the title "Devil's Bible" because there is an illustration of the devil in a page in the book. It is believed that this book is the only book that describes Satan / Devil.

This book identifies a medieval ancient manuscript with a really large size. This book was written at the beginning of the 13th century at the benedictus monastery in podlazice, Bohemia. Currently the giant book is stored in the Swedish Royal Library, Stockholm. It takes two people to lift this giant book.

The codex gigas is placed in a place made of wood, coated with leather and decorated with metal. It is 92 cm high, 50 cm wide and 22 cm thick.

In the beginning, the codex gigas has 320 transcript page. But 8 sheets was discarded. It is not known who discarded the 8 sheets and for what purpose.

There is an assumptions that 8 pieces were discarded because containing the rules of the monastic order monastery. The book weight of nearly 75 kg. The sheet used to write this book is skin from 160 calves.

The monastery where this codex was made was destroyed in the 15th century. Notes on the codex show that the making of the codex was around 1229 AD

After written, the codex was later transferred to the Cistercian Sedlec Monastery and finally bought by a benedict Monastery in Byoevnov. From 1477-1593, this codex was stored in the library in Broumov until it was finally taken to Prague in 1594 to become part of the Rudolf II collection. On September 24, 2007, the Codex gigas was brought back to Prague after 359 years.

The contents of this codex are "the sum of the Benedictine order's knowledge", "The War of the jews" by Josephus, a list of saints, a method for determining the date of Easter celebrations, the entire pre-vulgate Latin Bible, Isidore of Seville's encyclopedia Etymologiae , Cosmas of Prague's Chronicle of Bohemia, various tracts (from history, etymology and physiology), a calendar with nekrologium, a list of names of monks in the Monastery of Podlaice, magic formulas and other records.

The entire contents of this codex was written in Latin. The manuscript is decorated with colors like yellow, blue, red, green and gold. All the caps given a striking color.

The entire contents of this codex are written with extraordinary relevance between pages. Which means that this book is written by one person with a continuous mind. This makes many experts believe that the entire codex was written in a very short time.

On page 290, there is a picture of a Devil about 50 cm high. A few pages before this picture is written on a sheet of skin that is blackened and made with dark characters, which makes it different from the entire contents of the codex.

According to Legend, the codex writer was a monk who violated monastic rules and was punished by being tied to a wall in a standing position for life. This monk begged for forgiveness from the condemnation outside the cruel monastery.

Instead he promised to make a book that would glorify the monastery and humanity's knowledge forever, and he promised to finish it in just one night.

Almost midnight, the monk doubted whether he could solve it himself. He decided to sell his soul to the devil for help. The Devil then completed the manuscript.

As a tribute to the devil who helped him, the monk added a demonic image to the codex. Despite the legend involving the devil, at the time of the inquisition, this codex was kept by the monastery and studied by many scholars to this day.


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