Monday, November 5, 2018


Annabelle, The Real Ghost Doll - Annabelle's movie actually raises a true story of a creepy haunted doll. Like the name of the movie, the name of the creepy doll is Annabelle.

Annabelle is locked in a glass cabinet as illustrated in the movie. The purpose of sealing Annabelle in a glass cabinet is so that the ghosts in the doll cannot move out and threaten the lives of humans.

Annabelle's mystery originated from a daughter named Donna in 1970. The sweet girl received a Raggedy-Anne type doll from her mother. Happily, Donna took Annabelle to the place she lived in college. At first Dona and her roommate Angie did not feel disturbed by the existence of the doll. But it turns out that the doll shifts little by little over time. They initially did not suspect the change in position of Annabelle's ghost doll. But it turned out that after one week had passed, it turned out that the change in the position of Annabelle's doll was really creepy.

Donna and Angie found Annabelle moving from bed to the couch. It was after both of them returned from traveling outside. Lou, one of their friends, did not like the doll. According to him, there is a creepy mystery behind the Annabelle dolls. However, Dona and Angie still hadn't thought anything strange and still thought logically. Lou's suspicion was proven. The two roommates found a piece of parchment paper in their house. On the paper, there is a message "help us" and "help Lou". Of course this makes them confused, because actually no one has a parchment paper in the house.

One day, Donna found Annabelle bathed in blood on her bed. Because Donna could no longer stand the strange incidents that kept happening, Donna was opening her mind and allowing the spirit to stay with her.

It turned out that the ghost was named Annabelle Higgins, a 7-year-old girl who was killed. The ghost wants to stay with them because they feel comfortable with them.

Donna and Anggie's kindness was not a good decision. Annabelle started hurting Lou because he didn't like her. Suddenly Lou got a scratch wound after he had a dream about the doll. Finally, they called Ed and Lorraine Warren, the two paranormal immediately took Annabelle and locked her in a glass cabinet.

In fact, in front of the glass cabinet there is a warning, "Don't open!". Whoever dares to open the glass cabinet must be prepared to bear the consequences.


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