Saturday, November 3, 2018


Agares, Old Man Demon, The Leader of 36 Demon Legion - Agares (also Agarat, Agaros, or Agarus) is a devil described in demonological grimoires such as the Livre des Esperitz (as Agarat), The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, the Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton), and the Dictionnaire Infernal as duke " under the powers of the east, an old man, riding on a crocodile, and carrieng a hawke on his fist," who teaches language, stops and takes people who run away, causes earthquakes, and has a peerage.

The Lemegeton and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum state that Devil Agares leads 31 legions of demons.

But the Livre des Esperitz stated that 36 legions of Satan were led by him.

The Book of the Office of Spirits places Agares Demon (as Agaros) under Oriens and describes him as an old man riding a cockatrice (a two-legged dragon and head of a cock), and carrying an eagle in his hand.

The Grimoire of Pope Honorius (who refers to him as Agarus), removes crocodiles and eagles, and removes his language abilities and the title of The Grand Grimoire characterizes him as subordinate to Rofocale's Lucifuge. According to Rudd, Agares was opposed by Shemhamphorasch Angel.


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