Saturday, November 3, 2018


A Story of Woman Ghost on Mango Tree - This story began when a young woman (22), Bella, decided to leave the house to go outside to buy some foods at night. At that time, the weather conditions were not good. The wind blew hard enough to make small leaves flying.

Bella did not think that there would be a creepy incident that would happen to her that night. On her way, she had to pass an empty house that had a large mango tree in the yard. Her feeling at this time began to get nervous because when she crossed the house, she remembered the story told by local residents about the mango tree in front of the empty house.

It is said that the mango tree had a terrible history. The mango tree was once used as a place to hang someone, and it makes the tree haunted. Nobody want to buy the creepy house because of that incident.

So when Bella pass by the house, she heard a woman's voice humming from the direction of the empty house. Immediately the hair on her neck immediately stood up. Initially she did not dare to turn towards the house, she keeps accelerating her pace of walk. But instead of passing the house, it turned out that Bella never made it. The house seemed to be very large. No matter how far she walked, she was still in front of the house.

Finally Bella try to look towards the empty house, immediately appeared a creepy female ghost right in front of Bella's face. At that time, she was immediately unconscious.

The next day, Bella was reported missing and not found until now. It is said that she has been "kidnapped" by the ghost into their world. There are also those who suspect that she was locked in the house in a secret room that no one ever knew.


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