Tuesday, November 6, 2018


A Ghost Story in a Bathroom

MostCreepy.com - This is a story from someone who just moved to a new place. Unexpectedly, it turned out that the bathroom in his house was haunted. Actually the old residents of his house already knew about it, and were used to it. Unfortunately as a new owner, he did not know about it.

Around 11pm, suddenly I want to pee. Arriving at the bathroom, it turns out seems there is someone inside. Strangely because I was living alone in the house. I heard there was a sound of splashing water.

I was thinking it's an intruder or robber. So I shouted "Who are you?!". I knocked the door really hard. But I got no response.

I got emotional and I banged on the door. The door opened. How shocked I am, there's no one in the bathroom !!

The bathroom floor is really dry, like there is no trace of water at all.

I immediately ran back to my room, and immediately locked the room. I forget about pee.

I closed my body with a blanket, It tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I heard a humming voice just outside of my room!

The next day, I accidentally met my neighbor. I told him about the incident last night.

He said, "It's normal. Many new owner of this house experience the same things.The ghosts just wants to be friend with you ".


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