Tuesday, November 6, 2018


A Crying Ghost in A Boarding House

MostCreepy.com - This is a story from a student who lives in a haunted boarding house. He said that his boarding house was located a bit far from the neighbors. Here's the story.

Because my house is quite far from my college, so I decided to rent an affordable house near the college. I got a room in the corner.

After I moved my belongings to my room, in the afternoon, I met with my neighbor in the boarding house. He is really friendly,

"which room do you live in?"

"In the corner"

"Eh, seriously? There is a story about your room. But I also not sure though..."

But he didn't want to explain the detail about the story.

One of my friends coming to my room to study together. This will be my first night staying at this boarding house.

The time has been passed, it's already 2 o'clock in the morning. I decided to sleep first because I was really tired after moving my belongings in the morning.

After 10 minutes I sleep, my friend heard a woman's voice calling his name from the bathroom, the woman seems crying.

My friend opened the bathroom, but no one inside.

Not long after that, the voice was heard again from the bathroom, but he just ignored it, and continued to study.

Over time, the voice became louder and closer.

Until finally the voice was heard just right behind him.

My friend scared, he tried to wake me up without looking back because of his fear. He shakes my body, but he couldn't wake me up. Then he decided to hide under a pillow while closing his eyes.

In the morning, he told me what he had experienced last night. I answered him with relax.

"Ahh, you joking, right?"

"I swear, I swear ..."

I foolishly challenged him instead.

"I'm waiting for it tonight ..."

The next night when I was staying up late for studying, I experienced something similar that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

Suddenly from the bathroom, came the voice of a crying woman.

I think it is just my hallucinations, but the longer, the voice is become real, and clear.

I tried checking the bathroom, and I realized it seemed like the voice wasn't from the bathroom. Even when I was in the bathroom, it seemed like the voice was from the place where I study.

The hair on my neck stood up. I didn't seem to be alone in this room. This boarding house was a boarding house only for men! There can't be a voice of a woman here.

The voice is getting louder under my table, my legs tremble, and I try to look under the table and ...

There is a head with a long hair under my table....

"AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa .......... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I immediately shouted and jumped from my study desk. I ran outside with a barefoot. I will not forget the incident that night.


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