Monday, November 5, 2018


A Creepy Story in Bandung Zoo's Street - A street in front of Bandung zoo is actually haunted. Without enough lighting, you will feel the horror atmosphere. It is said that there are ghosts that are often seen on the street. The street is also close to Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), which is also has some popular horror stories.

One night, I walked across the street in front of the Bandung zoo. It was at the beginning of my freshman year at ITB. This street is located between the zoo and the side of the ITB campus.

I passed the street around 9-10 p.m. At first nothing strange was happening. I did not know about the horror story about the street. The only lighting is only from vehicles that pass the road. It was really dark. The large trees along the street make the atmosphere become more horror.

There was no negative thought in my mind at that moment, I just focused on my way, and did not try to look at the tree above me or look across the street.

But in the middle of my way, I felt that someone was following me. "Something" that accompanied me was across the street. At that time I walked on the right side, while "something" who was following me walked on the left side of the street.

I did not want to look at "it". I walked quickly, as quick as possible. I tried to keep thinking positively, wish the person who followed is just my shadow across the street. Although I doubt that because there was no light that can cause my shadow to be appeared across the street.

I feel that the one who was following me also walking quickly. Like it tried to catch up with me. I tried to look at a glance, but somehow the one who was following me seems wearing a white dress. It wasn't walking, but floating.

When there is a light from the end of the road, the ghost suddenly disappear.

Arriving at the my house, I immediately looked for information about the mystery of the street through internet.  I found that the street was actually famous for being haunted.


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