Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Boar with Bat Ear and Dog Head - On Saturday, November 16, 2013, Bogor (Indonesia) residents were shocked by a wild boar, which is believed as human incarnation pig. This boar looks strange, and is not like a boar in general. The head resembles a dog, the head resembles a bat.

Residents suspect that the animal is the mastermind of money loss that are happening in the region. Not only money, a lot of valuable items, like gold, also disappears in the region.

"When it was arrested, the boar cried," said Isak Suryana, one of the residents in the area.

Isak explained that the capture of the boar by the residents was successfully carried out on Thursday morning. It was on a heavy rain. Residents who saw the boar immediately caught it because they thought that it was a Demon Pig, or human incarnation pig.

Residents had thought that the boar was causing the lost money in the region. "So far, many residents feel they experienced lost of money and valuables" he said.

Actually residents have also chased this wild boar some time ago, but this boar managed to escape.

The news spread quickly, a lot of curious local residents immediately come to see the captured boar.


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