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7 Indonesian Colleges that Have Creepy Stories - Believe it or not, almost every campus has its own ghost story. As a country with many young generations, there are certainly so many universities in Indonesia. Each college in Indonesia also has its own ghost story. Here are haunted stories from 7 Indonesian colleges.

1. UGM - Yogyakarta

This story about the figure of a woman with a floating head. It has become one of the stories in the Faculty of Geography, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta. Often at the intersection of Kaliurang near the Magister Management building, there is a college forest and a Mataram ditch with a white figure of a ghost head floating. this story has become the material of college student's stories when gathered together after the lecture.

2. IPB - Bogor

On this famous college,  "Ghost of the next person" is famous among the female dormitories of the Bogor Agricultural Institute. Once when a group of female students were gossiping in their room, their room was knocked and a voice from outside answered that the one who knocked was the one next door. when a student opened the door, how shocked and afraid he was that the figure who knocked on the door really really only had a body.

3. UB - Malang

A ghost with a flat face around the library, and the Faculty of Medicine is one of the famous haunted location. Once, a student who walked nearby at night after campus activities saw a man sitting alone quietly. Unfortunately, when the student turned and looked closer, the man did not have eyes, mouth, nose on his face.

4. UI - Jakarta

Many stories say that do not pass through the University of Indonesia rector building at night. Because often there are girls staggering with their heads drooping. Scary, the girl just kept walking and if observed her face was pale with eyes bulging, bluish lips and tongue extended like a corpse hanging herself.

5. UNDIP - Semarang

Many Diponegoro University students find out the story of the legendary ghost, the female ghost of room B101. The ghost is Kuntilanak.

There are some lecturers or students who have had the misfortune to meet them or find a chair slammed hard in front of them. Because it was so scary, the campus was often empty when the time was past sunset.

6. UNAIR - Surabaya

In the Faculty of Pharmacy building at the University of Airlangga, there are some spirits that often appear between sunset and before evening, or above 11pm. The ghost who suddenly fall from the building or a pair of mysterious ghost who suddenly disappear.

7. ITB - Bandung

There is a road in front of the campus called Tamansari which is indeed quiet and dark. Some people claim to see a female ghost with long hair just standing still and staring towards anyone who passes.


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