Saturday, November 3, 2018

7 Easy Ways to See Ghosts - There are so many ways to see ghosts. Some even just spread from person to person. Some ways to see ghosts are considered quite easy to do. Some only use certain items, or just sing a song.

Here are 7 ways to see ghosts that are considered as an easy and effective way:

1. Apply Charcoal to the Eyes

It is said that the black charcoal can make a person to seeing a ghost. It is by rubbing charcoal on both your eyelids and eye bags so that they appear completely black. Then, at night, go out and walk around your house to the grave. It is said that you will see the ghosts around you.

2. Ritual with Candle

Turn off all the light sources in your house and make sure you are alone around midnight. Then surround the house with the candles while saying 'Come here, come here' over and over again. After walking around every corner of the house, return to your room and hide in a place that is difficult to find. During hiding, don't forget to turn off the candle that you bring first. It is said that you can feel the breath right next to the ear. Which means that the ghost responds to your call.

3. Bathing in Dark Conditions

Try showering at night without turning on the lights at all. Let the sound calm and quiet. If you are lucky, you will feel there is a long-fingered hand that moves on your shoulder. After that happens, make sure you immediately run outside the bathroom.

4. Rituals to Another World

There are easy rituals for those of you who want to go to another world. Try going to a building with a total of at least 10 floors and do this alone, especially at night. Enter the elevator, then go to 4th floor - 2nd floor - 6th floor - 2nd floor - 10th floor, with the correct order. You must do it alone, because if someone enter the elevator, then you must repeat the ritual from the beginning.

When the elevator is taking you to the 10th floor, press the button to the 5th floor, don't exit. Later there will be a woman who enters, and press the 1st floor. Strangely, the elevator will take you up to the 10th floor. If you dare to come out, the floor that you will stop is actually not the 10th floor, it's another world.

5. Use a mirror at night

A Kuntilanak is said that often come and sit in a chair that is facing the corner of the room. Beside the chair, there must be a large mirror. Try use the mirror at night, in a dark condition, and then mimic the sound of Kuntilanak, by laughing and crying, then there will be a high chance that you will be visited by Kuntilanak.

6. Singing Nina Bobo

It is said that the song Nina Bobo (Indonesian song) has a terrible story. It is said there was a Dutch-Javanese descendant named Helenina who was always sung a lullaby which was finally titled Nina Bobo. Until finally Helenina died and her spirit still haunted the people closest to her to continue singing Nina Bobo. So someone said that if you sing Nina Bobo's song, that means you call the ghost.

Although there is no certainty about the truth of the story, singing Nina Bobo indeed feels terrible and is also believed to be able to summon ghosts. The way you sit alone at night while singing Nina Bobo and dark conditions. Just wait, a few moments later, Helenina will come to you.

7. Look Through Your Feet

One of the oldest and most ancient ways to see ghosts is this method. The method is quite easy. At night, especially when you are in the woods or quiet places, try to look back between your legs so that your head will be below. It is said that, if you find the people whose feet floated, then it was a ghost. Besides, it could be there was a ghost suddenly appeared just before your face.


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