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6 Signs of a House is Haunted - Ghost hunters Ron and Nancy Stallings have an interest in the field of parapsychology (scientific studies of events outside of normal things), while Nancy herself has the ability to connect with the world of spirits.

The couple wrote the Show Me One Soul book: A True Haunting, after conducting research and dealing with various phenomena with a scientific approach. The couple then founded The Maryland Committee for Psychical Research, which investigate paranormal events in hundreds of homes since 1965.

If you experience just a few of the phenomena below, it might be a sign that your house is haunted. "Even if you only experience one thing, there may be more than one phenomenon," Nancy said.

The signs of this haunted house may be used as a reference to determine whether your house is haunted or not.

1. There is a strange feeling

Sometimes there is a disturbing feel, or the atmosphere feels thick and heavy. Or, you feel there is a change in temperature in some rooms, it becomes cooler compare with other rooms. This is because ghosts absorb the energy around it to manifest itself.

"Sometimes people also don't feel alone in the house (even though they are actually alone). They feel they're being watched, but they don't see anything around them," Nancy said. If you experience this, it's possible you that you actually feel the presence of a ghost.

Sometimes there are flashes of shadow. Although this does not automatically prove the presence of ghosts, you need to pay attention to it to find out if there are other phenomena around you.

2. Strange noises

"There is a knock on the wall, like three times, six times, or nine times. People can also hear the walking steps, " Nancy added.

Some other people hear the sound of cabinets or drawers in the kitchen opening or closing by itself. Others hear a music, the glass breaks, or the bell rings.

3. Unusual smells

"The aroma can be like perfume or flowers, it smells very sweet. Some ghosts have a bad smell. Usually, they are negative ghosts, and they are annoying, " he said.

4. Moving objects

Sometimes there were things, like silver tableware, which fell jingling somewhere. Or, rocks that fly at home. The lights are constantly turn on and off. The house and furniture are shaking, as if you were experiencing a personal earthquake.

5. Dog behavior is strange

You know, dogs are able to feel the presence of ghosts. The dog will bark, or suddenly curl up when an unfriendly ghost appears. But if a friendly ghost shows up, the dog will start wagging its tail, then sit quietly as if someone is touching the dog.

6. Sightings

Well, this is the clearest sign. It could be a foggy and glittering ball, or a figure that seemed floating in the air. Some others see flashing lights in blue, orange, or amber. There are also those who see some parts of the body, in the form of arms or legs.

The most convincing evidence that a house is haunted , if you can record images of the ghost, or record their voices.

"Try to record the voice in your house" Nancy suggested. "Play the recording, you would be surprised. You may hear voices."


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