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5 Indonesian Songs to Call Ghosts - There are some Indonesian songs that are believed can be used to call ghosts. There are some horror stories behind the creation of the songs. Singing or listening to this song, may cause the ghosts coming to you.

It is said that someone has already tested and managed to see the ghosts. But there are also those who have tested it but don't get any effect. Maybe if you are lucky, you will be successfully visited by the ghosts.

1. Lingsir Wengi

Lingsir Wengi song is believed by some Javanese people to call Kuntilanak. However, strangely no one knows who created this song. Lingsir Wengi was sung from generation to generation by the Javanese community. It is said that, the lyrics of Lingsir Wengi's song meant to summon spirits.

Javanese lyrics:

"Lingsir Wengi sliramu tumeking sirno Ojo tangi nggonmu guling awas jo ngetoro aku lagi bang wingo-wingo jin setan kang tak utusi dadyo sebarang wojo lelayu sebet "

 If interpreted in English, the lyrics have the following meanings:

"Towards the evening, you (your shadow) begin to disappear, don't wake up from your sleep alert, which is seen (showing yourself) I am restless, my demon jinn command be anything, but do not bring death"

This is the part of the lyrics that are considered to have the meaning of calling the jinn and demons. This song is sung with the typical tone of the Javanese song, which is like the Sinden tone.

2. Malam Satu Suro (Night of Satu Suro)

Satu suro is the first day in the Javanese calendar in the month of Sura or Suro. Satu suro is usually commemorated at night after sunset, because the Java days begins at sunset, not at midnight.

Satu suro is considered to be a sacred day for the Javanese people, some of the Javanese people are usually prohibited from going out at the night, because that night is a sacred night. Therefore, the people of Java consider "Malam Satu Suro" songs as supernatural songs. Though the lyrics of the song do not have creepy words, but the Javanese people still believe it as a song of callings to the spirits.

3. Nina Bobo

It is said that there was a daughter named Nina (Helenina Mustika Van Rodjnik) who has Indonesian-Dutch blood. Nina died at 4 years old. Nina Bobo song was created before she died. It was created by Nina's mother to entertain Nina when she cried. However, after Nina died, her mother keep singing the song in hope that Nina will return to her.

4. Jelangkung Mantra

Jelangkung is a game to summon spirits. People often play this game just to meet and ask something they want to know. However, to play this game you must use a spell or song.

"Jelangkung Jelangsat. Here is a party. A small party. Jelangkung Jelangsat. Come not picked up. Go home not delivered."

Many people believe that this game can really summon the demons. Dare to try ?

5. Mysteries of Takdir Song (Destiny Song)

It is said that, the mystery of Takdir Song can call a ghost named Lita. If you listen to this song in the middle of the night, it will suddenly change your emotion, your mind becomes empty, and you also can be possessed.

At the beginning and at the end of the song, there was a scary sound. The sound is considered to make the ghost come.


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