Saturday, November 3, 2018

5 Characteristics of People Who Are Easily Possessed - According to science, possession is a condition when a person has a split personality, so that when he reaches a certain point of consciousness, that person will change to another personality. But after being normal, the person will 100 percent forget about what he has done.

Viewed from a supernatural side, possession is a condition when a person is possessed by spirits that make him act out of his own control.

Not all people are easily possessed, but some are easily possessed. There are those who have never experienced possession. Following are the characteristics of people who are easily possessed:

1. Daydream

People who are like to daydream are easily possessed by ghosts because their minds are often empty. Because the level of consciousness decreases, this kind of person tends to be favored by astral beings. They can easily be possessed and controlled by demons.

2. Unhealthy Physical Conditions

Unhealthy people are more easily possessed by demons. That is because the people who are not fit have a low level of consciousness, so that the subconscious is more easily possessed by astral beings.

3. Menstruation

Women who are in a state of impurity or menstruation are more easily possessed by subtle causes. This is because the condition of his body and mind is in an unstable state. Besides, women who are menstruating are more likely to experience mood swings, so she is easier to lose control of herself.

4. Having experienced possession

People who have been possessed in general are more likely to experience it again. In other words, when someone experiences possession, their defenses have been broken by supernatural beings. This is opens a gap or shortcut for the astral beings who want to enter and re-master the human subconscious.

5. Having certain diseases

Certain diseases, such as epilepsy and excessive phobia, can trigger a person to be possessed. Epilepsy itself is a disease that is triggered by excessive release of electricity in the brain and is characterized by symptoms of sudden seizures. This kind of disease makes it easier for a person to lose consciousness, thus making him vulnerable to be possessed by spirits. While phobias cause negative emotional reactions that make it difficult for someone to control their thoughts.


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