Wednesday, November 7, 2018

4 Celebrities Claim to Have Made Love with Ghosts - Although he was initially scared to death, an American singer, Kesha, who began her career as a singer in Paris Hilton's background, recently captured the moment she experienced through a song called Supernatural.

It turns out that not only Kesha has ever dealt with ghosts, there are still some celebrities who have also experienced similar incidents.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

A Model, Anna Nicole Smith, claimed not realized she was slept with a ghost. It happened a few years ago. According to her, when the ghost arrived, Nicole thought that the ghost was her boyfriend. But luckily, although with her all the night, the ghost did not hurt her.

2. Lucy Liu

A star in Charlie's Angels movie, Lucy Liu, also has experience about making love with ghosts. Even though it happened when she was asleep, Lucy had the courage to make sure that she was really aware when the ghost approached her.

3. Natasha Blasick

Which husband is not angry when he finds out his wife is having an affair with another man? But if the man is a ghost, maybe the story will be a little different. Instead of being angry, the husband might just be afraid? Natasha Blasick has experienced it. Even though she already had a husband, she remained relaxed telling her horror experience in a television station.

4. Paz de la Huerta

She actually claimed to make love with the spirit of Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, because there is no evidence, many people think that she only makes a hoax / fake stories.


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