Monday, November 5, 2018


13 The Most Dangerous and Creepy Demons - Possessed by a demon is not just a joke. Especially if you have to deal with one of the 13 most dangerous demons.

They are the most creepy and dangerous demons from hell. The followers of demonology must be familiar with the following names of demons.

Here are 13 the most dangerous and creepy demons:

Asmodeus - Ancient Hebrew Devil party - loving sensuality.

Astaroth - Woman Demon worshiped by Phoenicians as a goddess of lust.

Azazel - Demon who teaches humans to make weapon for war and women are introduced to cosmetics.

Balaam - the Hebrew demon of greed.

Behemoth - A demon in the form of a creepy elephant.

Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies.

Bile - A Celtic god, aged thousands of years of Hell.

Cimeries - Devils riding on black horse, rules over all spirits of Africa.

Coyote - American Indian Devil.

Damballa - Evil Voodoo, Snake God.

Dagon - The demon of vengeance on sea Philistines.

Mormo - King Ghouls and empress head of Hecate, Greek goddess from below and magic.

Mictian - Worshiped by the Aztecs as the god of death.


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