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10 Ghost Stories at Indonesian Universities - Universities in Indonesia are famous for having a creepy urban legend story. Some of the mysteries have spread among the college students. Scary ghosts that roam around the university is indeed an interesting material to be discussed among campus residents.

1. Corpse Ghost - UK Maranatha Jakarta

There was once a student who was forced to go back to the lab room to take a university jacket as a next test requirement. The student met an old man who strangely gave answers to 49 questions for a medical exam which is held on the next day.

It turned out that the answers are correct. But he was really shocked when he found the 50th question, a photo of a corpse was actually the old man.

2. Ghost Next Door - IPB Bogor

The ghost next door is popular among the girl's dormitories of the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB). One day, when some female students were talking in their room, the room was knocked down by someone, and a voice told that she is the next door's student.

When a student opened the door, how shocked and scared he was, the one who knocked the door only have a body without head.

3. Flat Face Ghost - UB Malang

For Universitas Brawijaya students, a ghost with a flat face quite popular around the library and the Faculty of Medicine. Once, a student who walked nearby at night after campus activities saw a man sitting alone. Unfortunately, when the student looked closer, the man didn't have eyes, mouth, nose on his face.

4. Kuntilanak Tamansari Street- ITB Bandung

There is a street in front of the university called Tamansari, which is really dark at night.

Some people have claimed to have seen a woman with long hair, staring at anyone who passed by.

5. Suicide Ghost - UI Jakarta

Do not pass through the University of Indonesia's rectorate building at night? Because there is a scary girl with a pale face, bulging eyes, bluish lips, and her tongue is come out like a hanging corpse.

6. Woman Ghost - Gunadarma Jakarta

Campus E Parking at Gunadarma University is often regarded as one of the horror places. There were two students who came home late at night, they came to the parking area to take a motorbike. Then they saw a woman behind the glass that was supposed to be just a dark room and locked.

7. Ghosts without Legs - UM Malang

According to some students from the University of Malang, once there was a student who used wifi services until evening around the park area of ​​the Faculty of Literature majoring in Fine Arts.

At that time her friend who was opposite to the park area told the girl to leave the place immediately by phone. Then suddenly there was a voice of a man who also told the girl to go home. The girl just realized the figure of the man when her pen fell, and saw that the man's body was floating without legs.

8. Disappearing Ghosts - Surabaya UNAIR

In the University of Airlangga, especially at the Faculty of Pharmacy building, some spirits often appear between after sunset and before evening, or after 11pm. But these ghosts suddenly disappear when the students saw the ghosts.

9. Floating Head Ghosts - UGM Jogja

This story about a woman ghost with a floating head . The story is popular among the students in the Faculty of Geography, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

10. Kuntilanak - UNDIP Semarang

Many Diponegoro University students majored in Fisip know about this urban legend story. It is about a female ghost in room B101. The ghost is kuntilanak.


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