Saturday, October 27, 2018


The Story of Women's Ghost in Sembawang Park Singapore - At that time I and my family were filling our free time at Sembawang Park Singapore, around 11 o'clock at night. Very quiet there at that time. Initially we planned to go home at 3:00 a.m. But because of the horrific events we experienced, we finally decided to go home early.

We sat relaxed while chatting about ghosts. We tell each other about scary experiences. Time is 12 o'clock. We tell some horror stories at that time.

But I was getting bored and wanted to stand and walk for a while. Just stepping a few steps, I was surprised to see a woman in white like "Kuntilanak" on a tree branch. The kuntilanak was seen staring at me with a blank stare. Her hair was very long. The distance between me and the kuntilanak is about 10 meters.

I immediately ran towards those who were sitting. They asked me why I was so rushed back. Trembling, I pointed towards the tree that had the kuntilanak. I told them there were kuntilanak who were looking at us. However, none of them saw the kuntilanak. My little brother started crying. The kuntilanak still stands on the tree and only me who saw the ghost.

A few minutes later one by one began to see the kuntilanak figure. Everyone starts to get scared. But my uncle who couldn't see him decided to approach the tree. When he arrived there, he said there was nothing on the tree. But from a distance we still saw the figure of the kuntilanak as if waving towards us.

Finally we decided to leave immediately. In the car I kept praying hope that the spirits didn't follow us home.


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