Saturday, October 27, 2018


The Spider Myth in Japan, the Carrier of Luck? - Spider, an insect that has a quite creepy shape has their own myths. Contrary to its shape, it turns out that spider is believed to bring a good luck in Japan.

Indeed spiders are often feared by many people. Usually they are quite creepy with a lot of legs, but in Japan, there are many people who like these spider animals because of the myths that spreaded.

One of the myths about spiders in Japan is that you will get a good luck when you see spiders in the morning, both at home and outside. On condition, don't kill the spider, even if you are a person who is afraid of spiders.

Actually, other myths circulating in Japan are not just the ones that are good about spider. Spiders are believed to have dark magical powers. Legend once said, spiders that can live up to 400 years are more able to gain strength and can also be transformed into human beings.

In Japanese ghost stories, there is also one of the ghosts or yokai in Japan which is a half-spider female ghost with the name Jorogumo.

So the myth that circulates about spiders in Japan is not just a lucky bearer, but there is also a terrible myth behind it.


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