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Kappa, Legend of the Water Monster from Japan - Kappa is known as a water monster in Japan, which belongs to the type of giant salamanders or reptiles. In Japanese myth, Kappa is described as a horrible creature, but can also behave well. Kappa can speak Japanese and is known as a creature who has never broken a promise. Kappa is often seen watching sumo matches.

By parents in Japan, Kappa is often used to scare children from playing in the river. Children are often told not to play in the river, or Kappa will catch them. In picnics along the river, people usually throw cucumbers into the river with the aim of making Kappa happy, so that the Kappa will not disturb them.

Kappa is actually known as a human-eating monster. However, there is also a myth that describes Kappa with a cute and adorable form.

Here are some ways to prevent Kappa from eating you.

1. Feed Kappa with Cucumber
Based on a folklore, Kappa is believed to be very fond of cucumbers. When meeting with Kappa, give cucumber to him and that will prevent Kappa from eating you.

2. Bow (Japanese Greet)
Kappa is known as a creature who is also polite. When someone bows to him, he will always reply by bowing too. But if the Kappa is bowing, the water in the cavity of the head will spill. If the cavity of the head dries, the Kappa will have no energy and become weak. Even the Kappa is believed to be unable to move at all, unless someone fills his head with water. The person who fills water into the head of Kappa will always be assisted by Kappa because he feels indebted to that person.

3. Fight with Kappa
In another myth, Kappa actually has a size like children. Kappa also has no special power, except as a great swimmer. To fight Kappa, it should be done on land, do not occasionally fight it in water.


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