Saturday, October 27, 2018

Iki Palek, Finger Cut Tradition in Papua - The Dani Tribe in Papua, Indonesia, makes the world astonished because of this extreme tradition. This tradition is "iki palek". In the Iki Palek tradition, they have to cut their fingers. This creepy tradition turns out still to be done these days. But why want to hurt themselves?

The Dani tribesmen apparently cut their fingers when there is a family member who died. According to them, this is done as an expression of pain for the death of their family.

Apparently this tradition is not mandatory for men. Only women do this finger cutting ritual. If someone dies in a family, someone who is a mother will usually cut her finger. However if the mother already dead, the oldest woman in the family must cut her finger. Although man is not necessary to cut his finger, but there is also a man who want to cut his finger voluntarily.

The way they shorten their fingers is also quite extreme. They do not use modern equipment that is completely sterile. A stone used for cutting fingers. Some also use traditional knives. The most extreme is that they bite their own fingers until they break up.

If someone has many family members, of course it makes her have to give up her fingers as many as the death of her family member. In fact there are members of the Dani tribe who only have 3 fingers, so there are also those who do not have fingers anymore.

This tradition strangely still carried out in this modern era. Although there are already some of the Dani people are starting to abandon this tradition.


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